Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Review [2019 Updated]

Stellar phoenix mac data recovery 6 good price

It works with both external and internal hard drives, and it can recover files from a partition of your Mac running Windows Boot Camp. It will recover music, photos, documents, full partitions, and just about anything else. The software lacks any way to filter recovered results with any sophistication, but that is a relatively small hiccup in what is otherwise an exemplary piece of software.

When you first start to use this software, you'll notice that the user interface is easy to understand and requires no advanced knowledge of computer systems. The main screen of the software gives you the option to either resume a saved recovery scan or start a brand new scan.

If you have no saved scans, you can choose to start a new scan, and you'll be greeted with a second screen. From here, you'll select an option from three possibilities.

Those possible options include scanning for deleted or otherwise lost volumes, cloning a drive, and recovering raw data from a device that has been corrupted in some way. One unfortunate truth about this and other pieces of recovery software is that they are rarely compatible with solid state drives, or SSDs. This holds true for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, but the software won't actually tell you that it's incompatible. It will attempt to scan every time you ask it to do so, but it will always return zero results.

Another potential negative of the software is the amount of time it can take to perform a sufficient scan. Some hard disk drives become exceptionally fragmented over time, and that can slow the process significantly.

If a drive has been formatted, some data can still be recovered from it, but that will take even longer. During tests, some scans took as long as two full days to complete, but the results were always impressive. This software is capable of searching for files via different digital signatures. Other systems might support more or less, but Stellar Phoenix is quite a bargain for the price. In one test, the software was able to retrieve more than 60GB of files from a hard drive that had never been formatted.

Even though the software doesn't filter the produced content very well, it generally produces the correct original name of the file, which makes it easy to manually sort through the content. Of course, in some cases, huge amounts of recovered data might include millions of individual files, and it can be pain to sort through them without any significant filtering method.

Another interesting feature of the software is that it can recover data from archives that have been encrypted in some way. It can also extract data from backups created with Apple's Time Machine, and you can easily clone a drive if you want to examine it without damaging the original in any way.

Stellar phoenix mac data recovery 6 good price price

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You can fall back to this data recovery tool when you have emptied out the Trash folder and your last line of defense against data loss fails to do the needful. The software can save you long hours of work and lot of stress in an attempt to bring your data back to life. This professional Mac recovery software performs scan of your storage media to offer high degree of reliability when recovering your files. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is just the right solution for your requirements as the program is specialized at recovering different types of files from a variety of supported media. Further, it empowers you to recover entire lost or deleted volumes on Mac hard drives. This tool gives pre-recovery preview of files using built-in Quick Look. With this useful option, you can have a closer look at your files before recovery and determine which ones are recoverable. The tool has a knack of recovering files with their original names for all recently deleted ones.


Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery review - recover deleted files on your Mac

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