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Sound Forge Midi 0 Pro? Rather than awkwardly tack-on the extra tracks, as some competing programs have done, the additional tracks are fully integrated throughout the various features. MIDI was invented to unite musical instruments and make every musical instrument compatible. Cakewalk develops computer software for recording and making music. Do you think this would work?

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I think people can appreciate that, but the problem for many people is simple: It's been years now! However, Sony did release a patch sometime in that did seem to fix the issue, at least it did for me. I'm guessing it was a patch, but honestly I don't know the difference between a patch and an update, if there is one.

But something was done that seemed to fix the problem, at least for SFpro But now with this latest update Build , the problem has returned, at least for me, but apparently others as well as seen by the uptick on this forum. So I thought the problem was fixed? It's only now, at least for Sound Forge Pro 11, build what I am running , that the problem has returned. Surely Sony must have record of that "patch" and maybe it can use that again to fix the problem? I can't speak to as if other Sound Forge products ever had a fix or not Subject: Unable to open Sound Forge Reply by: Closet Geek Date: Right clicked on the AudioStudio Clicked on the Compatibility tab, Clicked on Change Settings for All users, and checked box that says run this program as administrator.

Saved changes of course. It allowed me to open the program from a desktop shortcut that I had created and update the program. I have not checked the sound for garble, but it appears to be working fine. Avdi Grimm Date: I just ran into the same issue, and I'm now unable to open Sound Forge unless I run it as adminstrator. And as other posters have noted, this causes some real problems interacting with Vegas.

Unable to open Sound Forge Date: Not ideal, but better than the run as admin issues and MUCH better than no workaround at all. Phil Sayer Date: But the problem has abruptly returned. With a deep sigh, I'll go and do it again! JJS Date: I'll attempt to uninstall SF11 and reinstall and see if that fixes the ability to delete that Registry folder. JJS Reply by: I am running Windows Sound Forge was working, and then I got the activation popup.

Tried running as administrator but couldn't drop files. Did the registry fix and it worked OK, but I'm worried now it will happen again. I'm astounded this problem is two years old and is still happening.

FixitMad0 Date: I have seen at times other issues after getting Microsoft Windows updates. NET framework. I am not saying this is the reason, but I have had issues in the past after getting the monthly Windows update. It gets through the splash screen to the opening page, but stops responding at the first mouse click anywhere. Have been rattling back and forth with support to no good result.

Have tried a great many suggestions, including run as admin, uninstall and reinstall multiple times, stopping all services and disabling all startup applications, renaming the plug-in file, and others I probably don't remember. Anyone having this problem besides me? Unable to open Sound Forge.

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