Smith Micro Poser 7

Smith micro poser 7

Whether you're using Poser as a standalone application or you want to add figures to a scene in another graphics program, Poser is a solid choice. Friday, 28 February With the new version of this popular application, Smith Micro has added numerous features and improved the quality of the included content. While the new features are great, this version does suffer from some screen redraw issues and some models don't render as well as others. However, the improvements far outweigh any negatives, and after you use Poser 7 for a while, you will certainly not want to go back to an earlier version.

Buying Smith micro poser 7

Every question I had was answered in the manual, for example, How do I turn off the LEDs to make the camera less visible. All in all so far I am very impressed with this purchase. I may actually order a couple more for security in an elderly relatives home. I ended up buying the 2-pack of LNC204 cameras from Costco, for 250.

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