Paragon Drive Backup Personal

Paragon drive backup professional 8.5 paid by credit card

It allows to migrate to new hardware when upgrading to new hardware, clone your existing hard drive to the new one and adjust the OS to make it bootable again. You can migrate your notebook to a new hard drive the easy way — create a backup archive of your system, replace your old HDD, then restore your system to the new one. Paragon Drive Copy 15 Professional also lets you copy or restore contents of a byte hard disk to a 4k hard disk with no additional actions from your side. Create a virtual clone of your PC, including operating system, drivers and settings, all your applications and files. Continue using your old PC in a virtual environment.

Paragon drive backup professional 8.5 paid by credit card

See http: More Product Images Keeping your hard drives in order is a complex task which can often require an entire library of tools and utilities. This new release also features a new partitioning engine with support for all the latest hard drive technologies. We took a closer look. Partitioning The Express mode front end menus keep things simple. A little too simple, perhaps. If you need to work with partitions, say, the first menu provides options to create, format, delete, resize and merge them.

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