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You choose when you download from the secure Microsoft website. What is more, if you, say, download the bit version and decide later to try the bit version, you can go back and download that one and install it. And if, later still, you yearn for the bit version, simply return to the secure Microsoft website and download it. You can transfer it to your new computer Very few Microsoft Publisher Editions allow you to transfer them to new computers.

But this one does. With this Publisher , you can remove it from your old machine and install it on your new one. Install on two computers You can install this Publisher on two computers, as long as they are used primarily by one user and at least one of the computers is a laptop. With other Publisher on sale, you can only install them on one machine. Gives you peace of mind Do you sometimes lose things? Well, with this Publisher , Microsoft keep your product key which you need to activate the software secure for you so that if you ever lose it, you can get it back again from their secure website.

Of if you lose the software, you can always download it again from the Microsoft secure website. Microsoft confirmation This means that the legality of the software can never be disputed, making it ideal for software audits. Available as download and on disc Although the software comes as a download we can if you wish, download it for you, burn it onto a disc and mail it out to you.

Programs that offered more tools typically scored better. We looked for features that made programs easier to use, including proportional snapping, master pages and the ability to import both Photoshop PSD and Microsoft Word files. We favored programs that were compatible with other programs and made the designing process easier. We tallied up art assets available through each program to see which one provided the most.

Since quantity isn't everything, we also checked to see if the designs offered were modern and stylish enough for professional and personal use. Programs with large quantities of beautiful graphics scored higher than software that offered large quantities of subpar art. Similarly, while we counted the number of templates each program came with, we also looked to see if they were classy and suited for professional as well as informal occasions.

Programs that adequately covered both categories scored higher in our comparison. Since type tools add a lot to overall creation, we looked for programs that offered everything from a spellchecker to kerning and tracking adjustments.

Programs with formatting styles scored better than others since this feature allows greater productivity. When you have questions, getting help from the company should be easy, so we looked at each software's support features.

Programs that offered more points of contact for customer support, like phone, live chat and email, scored higher. We also favored companies that provided video tutorials, a FAQs page and a user forum. Choosing Desktop Publishing Software The best desktop publishing software is easy to use and provides lots of beautiful templates and graphics for you to use. These programs should be useful for professional level projects or at-home creations.

You'll want to make sure the program you choose has all of the features and tools you need. Most everything I know about any program was probably googled at some point. There are TONS of how-to videos for everything you could possibly need to do.

This helps you stay organized and allows you to flip through specific pages of your project quickly. Programs that use custom guides and proportional snapping help you maintain a level of professionalism in your creations.

If you want a program that can print projects in colors that are similar to what you see on your screen, you will definitely want to get one that offers CMYK optimization. It is less common for these kinds of programs to be able to make charts, graphs and tables. If these elements are important to you, make sure you find a program that offers them.

Programs that allow you to import Word and PSD files can also be incredibly helpful since this increases the amount of text and image documents you can use. If you plan on creating a lot of your documents from scratch, you should look for a software that offers a wide range of graphic design tools like photo correction tools, the ability to add gradients and transparency to your projects, and photo color adjustments.

Ridl told us, "sometimes one program is better to use than others. I tend to use [Microsoft] Publisher for really simple projects. If you need to create more formal looking documents, you'll want to pay a little more to obtain professional-quality art assets and layout tools.

Templates Some programs do a better job of providing creative templates for calendars, posters and stationary sets, while others are more professional, covering business cards, letter heads, menus and resumes. The number of templates offered varies from program to program, but the best offer hundreds of choices. Remember that just because a program offers more templates, it doesn't mean that they are chic or modern enough for you to actually want to use them.

Before you decide, take time to look at the sample templates offered by each program. Typography Many desktop publishers come with fonts for you to use, but more importantly, they come with tools that can help you optimize your text.

Microsoft Publisher is Microsoft's entry-level desktop publishing program. Not to be confused with Microsoft Word, Publisher is used primarily for page layouts and designs, instead of text documents and proofreading. The software program was created with small . Mar 06,  · Buy Microsoft Publisher Illustrated: Read 12 Books Reviews - including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Publisher. Living in New Mexico with her husband, Ms. Reding spends her free time grilling, water gardening, road and mountain biking, and collecting Southwestern art. Good condition. Great price. Read /5(12). > Microsoft Publisher for Charities, Churches and Education Reduced price! View larger. Microsoft Publisher for Charities, Churches and Education Do you sometimes lose things? Well, with this Publisher , Microsoft keep your product key (which you need to activate the software) secure for you so that if you ever lose it, you.

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It offers a decent selection of templates and art assets. Layout tools are limited. PrintMaster v8 Platinum has a very clean and simple interface, which makes it easy to navigate through the various options and tools. You'll find over , backgrounds, clipart and designs for you to use, which isn't the most we've seen but, definitely gives you plenty of options to choose from. There are also 4, individual templates to help you plan anything from a calendar to a party invitation.

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