Good price cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra

Good price cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra

This latest version of the program introduces a number of usability improvements and new features, most compellingly the TrueTheater video correction and enhancement tool. On the other hand, the upgrade fixes none of the previous version's interface faults, such as its tendency to obscure tools when you run the program at less than full-screen. Since I like to multitask, these drawbacks have begun to grate on me a bit.

I was pleased with the newly resizable panes for Media where you add files , Preview where you watch your movie , and Timeline where you assemble the movie in version 8's Edit window.

Cyberlink nicely revamped the Produce window where you select the output format and the location as well. Formerly presented over a series of three step-through dialog boxes, all options now appear on a single page that fills the main window. Version 8 also reworks the 'Create disc' pane so that you can view the content of the disc--and the menu structure--in tree-diagram form. Regrettably, due to a lack of scrollbars, if you don't run the program at full-screen, you won't be able to see some critical components.

Also, when you set the Windows task bar to hide automatically, PowerDirector blocks access to it, forcing you to click Ctrl-Esc to display it. I gave version 6 and even version 7 a pass on these and other interface problems, expecting Cyberlink to fix them in free updates. The company has assured me that corrective code will finally be available within the next month as a free update.

Welcome new features include TrueTheater HD up-sampling, video stabilization, audio and video denoise tools, motion frame interpolation, three music tracks up from one in version 7 , and nine picture-in-picture tracks up from six. You also get a new particle FX library for overlaying such elements as snow falling.

PowerDirector 8's excellent price-to-power ratio is undeniable, so if you aren't bothered by having to work in full-screen mode, go for it.

When a company keeps its word, I think you should know about it. Cyberlink sent me the latest version of PowerDirector 8, and all work areas are resized with the main window so that all controls are visible at all times. Nice job, folks. Since this change corrects the main shortcoming I identified in the original version of the PowerDirector 8, I now have no hesitation in recommending the program.

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Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra: Ambitious users will be frustrated by the occasionally clumsy controls, but smooth previews make it a good. Using Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 you can transform your videos into masterpieces working a range of powerful editing tools. In addition to basic. Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra Video-Editing Software PowerDirector 8's excellent price-to-power ratio is undeniable, so if you aren't.

Good price cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra cost

You can easily download and install whatever you need. These contents are shared by Cyberlink and other users.

Easy to use with intuitive movie making Support the latest video formats. True-to-life color enhancement - Get that movie look instantly with rich, cinematic color enhancements to any video footage. Transition designer: Create unique transitions from any image or logo Title designer: Overlay animated objects on your videos and use simple transforming tools to create engaging video collages Animation designer: Includes more than 30 animated theme templates for animated professional look Multicam designer which helps to Combine and switch between up to four camera shots in one synced video on-the-fly.

Menu designer: Create fully customizable disc menu layouts, menu structures Screen recorder which adds another handy tool to your video editing arsenal. Quickly create professional-quality videos using Express project feature Additional action effects for the Action Camera Center, including stop motion, and zoom and pan.

Utilize CyberLink's True technology to produce your own virtual reality videos. Create unique looking videos by blending clips directly on the timeline or with the Blending Effect Designer. High Frame-Rate Video Editor. Supports export of your high frame rate video fast with hardware accelerated rendering! Support for portrait video projects that use the 9: Perform simple video trimming and image cropping within the Easy Editor.

Use clip markers for more precise video editing in the timeline. Powerful collection of uniquely customizable design tools Use the Mask Designer to create custom masks with motion using your imported images and title text. Increase the timeline scale for even more precise audio syncing TrueVelocity 6 rendering engine is a bit powerhouse offering smoother previewing and significantly faster production than other consumer video editing software.

Special mobile compatible vertical design mode that lets you upload mobile video for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo by getting rid of those empty black bars! Orientation Smart Video Rendering Technology SVRT makes video production faster by analyzing your project and rendering only segments of footage that have been modified regardless of the clips' orientation.

User Interface: The left sided area is called the library window and it includes the rooms which include many tools to help you in editing your video. By default, the media room is present. The right sided area is the preview zone which lets you preview any image, video, effect, transition..

Above the edit workspace there is a timeline ruler which lets you expanded or condensed view of your production and add markers timeline and clip markers Function buttons are present above the workspace and ruler as magic tools, design, remove, more options. The upper toolbar includes file, edit, view, playback, settings, aspect ratio, undo, redo and save. Below this one, there are four buttons; capture, edit, produce and create disc. Next toolbar Media room includes import or download media, plugins, drop down menu, select video, image or audio, library menu, thumbnail size and search When you launch the program, you will have many options to select from according to your wish: Full editor, easy editor, editor, express project, theme designer and slideshow creator.

Also aspect ratio you need is present. This will make it easy to directly access the area you need Easy editor: This built in feature lets you import, style, adjust and preview you video in a few simple steps. First import your video or images then select the magic style you wish. There are many options to select from. For example; original, slow motion, fast motion, memory field or you can download free styles from the director zone. If you select a 3D style, you must have a 3D display.

Next you can adjust your video. For example, add background music, adjust time for your video, mix audio level between music and video audio. In addition you can set criteria used by magic movie style to cut the video by simple click of the setting button.

In the next step, your movie is analyzed and you can preview it before the final production step. This step allows you to edit themes according to your wish and enable 3D feature if the display is supported 2D is enabled by default. The production step Final lets you create the video and save it or upload to the internet, or burn the output video to CD or create and edit Advanced editing Slideshow Creator: This PowerDirector built in feature is the easiest way to create a dynamic slideshow with your photos.

The process is very easy, simply import all of the photos you want to use in your slideshow using Import Image Files to import a number of individual photos, or Import an Image Folder if all of your photos are in a specific folder on your computer's hard drive.

CyberLink PowerDirector will import all of the supported image formats in the selected folder. Finally add background music, style and duration and start.

You will have a very nice slideshow movie. Full edit: First you must import the media you need. This can be done using Capture button which lets you capture video or images using webcam, TV signal, camcorder, CD, external device, microphone or screen recording. In this step you can set the time, size limit, output save folder, settings and profile. Work Rooms: After you add your media, you will go to the rooms section and the editing workspace to complete your editing.

I will discuss the options and features available in different rooms. First you have the media room which lets you add the media you want from the import media button. Imported media includes files, folders, downloaded and so on. Also you can use screen recorder plugin present in the program to add media files. There are buttons which helps you to add video, images or music.

Next the effect room which allows you to add any effect you want from a lot of available options. The selected effect can be previewed on the right side window. After making your choice you have to do drag and drop of the selected effect to a track or to the video to apply the effect to the whole video.

Next is the PiP picture in picture effects room. This feature allows you to create and use many effects in your video production. PiP effects not only include the use of PiP objects, but also adding motion or modifying the properties of media clips on any track in timeline, creating custom hand drawn paint animation objects in the Paint Designer, using the chroma key effect, and much more.

After you made your selection, use the button or drag it to the track. Next room is the Particle Effects which lets you access a library of effects you can place on a video track to add a particle effect snow, cloud cover, fire effects, and more on top of a video or image. Next open the Title Room to access a library of title effect templates, which when applied to your project, add credits or comments to your roduction.

You can add title effects to a video track or to the title track. There is also option to customize your own titles. Transition Room which offers you a good library of transition effects that will make your video impressive. You can use transitions on or between image and video clips in your video production. There are audio transitions that can be used between two audio clips on the voice or music tracks, or on an audio track. Transitions let you control how media appears and disappears in your project.

Finally, you can use the Audio Mixing Room to mix the audio levels of your production, or record a voice-over in the Voice-Over Room to add narration to your video. Library menu: This option views the analysis results for all the video clips analyzed. Clips that were previously analyzed are indicated by the green good parts and light brown bad parts dots in the specific columns. You can also edit any video clip using a specific edit button in the analysis table Plugins: Multicam designer: The MultiCam Designer lets you seamlessly edit footage from multiple cameras, simulating the use of a live camera switcher.

Theme designer: Theme templates are used to create a video production, with a specific type of theme or style. Themes can be downloaded freely from DirectorZone. Theme templates consist of a number of sequences. Each of these sequences contain elements, some of which are customizable and some of which are not. Themes that you edit in the Theme Designer consist of theme templates and your media images and video clips. The resulting video is similar to the movie content created by the Magic Movie Wizard and Magic Style.

The difference is that the Theme Designer provides much more creative control over the outputted movie. Action Camera Center: This tool will help you to fix video clips or add effects that highlight the action sequences in the video.

Video fix includes 4 settings; lens correction, video stabilizer, white balance and color presets. Effect option include time shift effect and freeze frame.

The time shift effect allows you to add many effects as replay, zoom, pan, speed, stop motion. Express Project: Express projects are pre-designed project templates that will help you speed up the editing process.

You can select this feature either from the start during launch up of the program or from the media content or plugin drop down menu. Simply replace the placeholder clips and photos with your own media and you are done The project creation is very fast, it can be completed in three simple steps:


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