Good Price Adobe Freehand Mx

Good price adobe freehand mx

FreeHand was the clear leader for many years in both the packaging and logo design worlds. Which were the main worlds outside of QuarkXPress that designers were working in. We used it to lay out the first digital boxes for Celestial Seasonings teas. Even Deke McClelland called it superior to Illustrator in his reviews of several versions for Macworld magazine. David Biedney and Bruce Fraser said much the same thing. Bruce Fraser says that Aldus FreeHand 4. FreeHand can import and export Illustrator 1.

It provides a inch square area for your document pages, which works out to about 24 letter-sized pages, with some extra left over for incidental items. Pages can be any mix of sizes and orientation. And from May And from November He tested each application for the smallest number of steps to complete 20 key operations, and hired four artists to report back with their on-the-job impressions of using each program to create specific scenes.

FreeHand was a champion on all five of their categories. Also from November And July Carlo Kaminski May 6, at 6: Jay Nelson May 6, at 9: In the print world, Illustrator is dominate, but in the overall market business users , I wonder if that is true? Regarding the feature comparisons, the reviews mentioned are too old to be useful.

That would be more relevant. Legally, is not be updated the same as killing a product? Jennifer Hollister May 6, at 3: My experience with Illustrator CS-CS5 is that it has become more and more bloated and complicated instead of streamlined. Quark, on the other hand, has a few features that help with long documents or text heavy documents, like drop shadows and color blends and such that you can add without leaving Quark, which is very convenient.

David Creamer May 7, at 8: The article was about a lawsuit, therefore I was asking business- and legal-oriented questions. Emotion and business decisions are not related. HeadyDays May 21, at 7: It was around the same time that Quark Inc. Adobe was continuing to break new ground with Photoshop, Illustrator and then InDesign and, as a designer, I remember being excited at what the industry had to look forward to in terms of its tools of trade.

Sadly, as sometimes happens with folk who just get far too big for their own boots, Quark just seemed to lock themselves in their ivory towers, reveling in their success and raising their prices whilst refusing to acknowledge comment, criticism or request from any quarter. Meanwhile, Adobe had been quick to react to growing customer disatisfaction with Quark, and by pricing and positioning InDesign as a credible and attractively priced alternative, QuarkXPress began losing market share to InDesign.

But how things have changed … Fortunately, Quark woke up. Significant internal changes ensued, and now the customer is king, and product quality and support are about as good as it gets. Meanwhile, Adobe seem to have caught the same dreadful disease that Quark used to have: Adobe reigns all powerful, regardless.

Or so they seem to think. But the truth could not be more different. But surely Adobe must be listening? Says Adobe: Sadly, the reality appears to be quite different, and their attitude towards FreeHand is not the only evidence.

There is of course ongoing debate about whether such a move would be of benefit to the end user or not. Not much idea of choice there, then.

And of course, FreeHand is still on the agenda. But by , no sooner had that binding period lapsed, Adobe were at it again: No choice at all then, in that case. Some might claim that this is merely shrewd business practice. But the bottom line here is that Quark Inc. And now Adobe appear to be taking a very similar approach. But should we even care? Well, they have a monopoly in Photoshop as well, so yes, we probably should! Now, they listen to, and chat with, their customers, they are innovating again, and they have a well-supported product that does what it says on the box.

Does Adobe have the humility to actually start listening to what their customers are saying? Do they have the integrity to practice what they preach regarding consumer choice and the value that they claim to place on open markets? Yet they must surely realise that a company will ultimately only profit if its customers remain satisfied? Right now, that satisfaction appears to be on the decline.

Could it be that Adobe blindly believe, as Quark once did, that they have become king, and as such are themselves untouchable? Or are they in a panic, suspecting that they may have advanced every product to its maximum development potential, and can conceive of no other option than to gobble up the rest of the world in a vain attempt to assure their own continued existence?

Illustrator is such a slug of a program compared to the ease of use of Freehand. Why would Adobe do something like that, other than they were afraid that Illustrator would go down the tubes? There were a few issues with files saved out of Freehand, but those could have easily been addressed.

Talk about arrogance. Adobe has now decided that they will ship interim upgrades to their software as well as full version upgrades. So, I just bought the 5. The 5. Acrobat Pro was the same version as CS4 shipped. I was not happy about that and told them, to which they pretty much said too bad.

When 5. But, not all the other software in this interim upgrade was actually upgraded. Indesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash were the only upgraded programs. Illustrator and Photoshop were simply updates to 5. A little pricey, I think, especially because I did not see a great deal of change in Indesign, except that it ran slower. Hopefully, somehow, Adobe will sell Freehand to someone that will update it and put it back on the market.

I really want to buy a decent illustrating program. Maybe Quark should try buying Freehand. Now that would be great. QuarkXPress 9 is actually slick and a companion program like Freehand would be ideal. Jim Jordan June 21, at I doubt that anyone here is a developer for FH or IL and would know what a tangled mess programs can be to maintain and upgrade.

It is entirely incorrect to say that Adobe killed FH. MM dragged its feet on FH in the end. People should have spoken up 6 years ago. Jason Holmberg January 28, at 7: I switched to Illustrator because I had to. What a downgrade! If one thinks Illustrator is great, they never used FreeHand for any length of time.

FreeHand can still draw circles around Illustrator. Brendan Potash February 15, at 7: Although they are the long-standing village simpletons when it comes to user experience I know they could find a way to screw it up — it would pale in comparison to the ethical cancer that is Adobe. As the dark force, Adobe has sufficiently crushed American invention and crushed any competition to the definitions of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

With this gap comes unmet demand and business opportunity. It just needs a sugar daddy. What do you think? Brendan Potash February 15, at 9: The Illustrator branch of Adobe gained greatly from removing superior tool from the marketplace. Even if it came from the Ukrane, India or even China. February 15, at 9: David Kidd February 25, at I was a full-time FreeHand specialst.

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It works by using vectors. This means that each dot in a drawing is a mathematical relationship. This program is similar to Adobe Illustrator.


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