Cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra

Cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra

TW , innovative solutions provider for the connected media lifestyle, today released video editing software CyberLink PowerDirector 8 , featuring a number of breakthrough technologies to enhance consumer generated videos and to create amazing movie productions with ease.

Designed with unique features backed by advanced technologies, PowerDirector is also easy to use. Key highlights of the new version include: Effortless Pro-Like Results: Automated video enhancement and editing tools, combined with an improved interface and more advanced editing options, let users create the videos they imagine quickly and easily.

Video Upscaling Technology: PowerDirector boosts standard definition video to HD-like results, allowing users to enjoy their content on high-resolution displays in color-rich quality. Unique Editing Effects: Powerful effects templates and design tools allow users to easily customize free-floating objects with random navigation.

No action script required. Up to 5X Faster Video Production: New Ways to Share and Learn: PowerDirector offers a unique and visual way to help the video editing community learn from each other.

Users can share their project timelines on DirectorZone. Particle Effects Designer expands the creative possibilities for adding animated objects to projects. Improved Timeline Interface—16 timeline tracks, an adjustable workspace, and easier media management, provide a flexible working environment for creating more advanced projects. More importantly, users can also share their creative processes in the form of a timeline view published on DirectorZone.

The timeline view lets other users see and learn how each video was created. Customizable Photo Slideshows—Editable slideshow styles generate stylish video-like productions in minutes. Users can automatically sync their slideshows to music, reposition photo framing, and rearrange the sequence of each photo. Product Availability CyberLink PowerDirector 8 is now available online , supporting the following languages: Retail versions of PowerDirector will soon be available in stores worldwide.

Online versions of PowerDirector 8 include:

PowerDirector 8 Ultra is a powerful video editor, and its interface is stylish and friendly--when you work with it in full-screen mode. This latest. Powerful Editing - The strength and functionality to create great videos; Faster Performance - Ultra-fast video rendering, previewing, and authoring; Time- Saving. Find out more on Cyberlink Powerdirector 8 Ultra specifications on PC World.

Buying Cyberlink powerdirector 8 ultra

View We check over million products every day for the best prices Every year, CyberLink adds new features to PowerDirector, one of the best video editors for Windows users. On Version 18, new features include a refreshed interface and the ability to edit and export video in a social-app-friendly 1: While PowerDirector is a consumer product, it appeals to the most creative and adventurous of amateur filmmakers.

Editor's note: Tom's Guide has reviewed several previous versions of PowerDirector, so this review focuses on features added in Version PowerDirector price and availability PowerDirector comes in several flavors: Both the Ultra and Ultimate versions feature 25GB of online storage; if you purchase a subscription, you get 50GB of cloud storage.

PowerDirector 18 new features Among Version 18's new features are the Square aspect ratio, a nod to Instagram and Facebook posters, and new motion-graphic animated titles. Image credit: Cyberlink A major interface update lets you arrange tracks in whichever order you want, as opposed to just the top-down order of previous versions. While the previous version debuted nested projects, Version 18 now lets you combine clips and edits to reuse in different projects via the PIP picture-in-picture designer.

If you go for the more expensive Ultimate version, you also get a new Shape Designer that you can use to add vector shapes, complete with autofit text and key-frame controls, to your footage. The Best Free Video Editing Software The new Ultimate version introduces audio scrubbing, which means you can hear as well as see your preview on the timeline.

You can now edit 4K video and activate a dual preview, which gives you a high-resolution preview as well as a second window showing the contents of your library. You can also display two mini-audio meters as you preview your video on the timeline. Additionally, the new Ultimate version lets you customize your editing workspace by undocking and moving the library window, timeline and preview windows anywhere you want. PowerDirector 18 Ultra features Reversible track ordering A simple check box changes the track order from top to bottom for the main video track.

Tom's Guide Even though the program's default interface looks much the same as before, CyberLink has added flexibility by letting you change the stacking order of tracks in your timeline. Now, you can reverse the timeline track order so the main video track is at the bottom of the timeline and layered effects and overlays are stacked on top. It may seem like a trivial issue, but it bothered many new users accustomed to video programs that handled track order the opposite way.

To reverse the track order, check a box in the Preferences menu. Motion-graphic titles CyberLink includes 44 brand-new motion-graphic presets for dynamic titles. Tom's Guide One thing PowerDirector is superlative at is giving you enough choices to make your head spin. PowerDirector 18 delivers dozens of brand-new motion-graphic titles. You start with a preset and then use the available menus to customize and insert the title into the video timeline.

This is not an automated process, but it is programmed so that you can see your options, experiment until you're happy with the look and then save the settings to use in your video. After creating your motion-graphic title module template, just insert it into your video. Tom's Guide The Title designer gets an update too so that now you can add and position particle effects within your titles.

Advances in the title designer facilitate adding particle effects to your titles. Tom's Guide Nested projects as picture in picture You can use the PIP window to reuse existing projects and edit their components in the timeline.

Tom's Guide PowerDirector's nested projects feature lets you create and reuse projects. New for Version 18 is the ability to treat an inserted nested project as a PIP. It sounds complicated, but it all works very logically, giving you tons more editing flexibility. With the tabbed interface above the timeline, you can reuse and edit a nested project from within a different main project.

Square video Choose the new 1: Tom's Guide The square option offers extra convenience for posting videos on Instagram and other social media.

You can convert any aspect ratio into 1: CyberLink has a short multistep process to help you convert any aspect ratio into a 1: Tom's Guide You can use CyberLink tools to convert any aspect ratio to 1: Shape designer With the new shape designer, you can animate and manipulate vector objects and add titles to vector objects. The app provides 24 basic shapes that you can revise by adding colors, gradients, shape modifications, outlines and text that you can fit into the shape. You can animate the shape within the key frame by customizing the position, scale, opacity and rotation of the object.

The shape designer tool gives you another creative way to add unique elements to your videos. Tom's Guide If you choose to save the module, you can reuse it in other projects and even edit its contents with new text, colors and other elements.

The shape designer is straightforward, easy to use and infinitely customizable. The Best Cheap Video Editing Software One thing I found somewhat counterintuitive is that you may have to memorize elements of the video that are not in front of you. For example, if you are designing an animated thought bubble, you must know approximately where your subject is in the frame to make sure the bubble moves with the subject.

It's a bit tricky to use the feature with fast-moving subjects and a lot easier when the subject and shape are fairly static. Employing the Library preview window in this case could give you a visual hand. Audio scrubbing With the new version of PowerDirector, you can now hear the audio while dragging the playhead through a project to quickly find the scene you need by ear.

You don't have to do anything other than turn up the volume in order to use the audio-scrubbing preview. It is helpful to hear the video as you move through it, so this is a welcome feature that we wish were present in the Ultra version.

Undock library and timeline You can operate PowerDirector in a single frame or spread out panels to various parts of the screen or multiple screens. Tom's Guide In another subtle interface enhancement, you can choose to use PowerDirector 18 inside an application frame or float any or all windows.

This is convenient for folks who have multiple monitors and like to resize their panels. It's easy to undock and redock by right-clicking on the panel and finding the command. A super-convenient library preview is now available in a separate window. Now, you can view and move around the original clip as well as view the edits in the main video-preview window at the same time — and even on different screens. It's too bad that the undocking feature and the library preview are not available in the Ultra version, as all users would benefit from these features.

Now, you can directly import and edit 4K video in the timeline. You will need a fairly advanced Windows box to leverage this feature. There was no skipping or jumping through the preview, and the sound quality of the audio scrubbing was indistinguishable from that of lower-quality video.

However, once you add effects and transitions, problems may crop up on lower-end consumer systems. One hint came via an alert that warned of "serious frame drop detection" and suggested prerendering the timeline to cache videos on the hard drive for smoother real-time editing.

Editing in 4K is a nice but not a must-have feature, and it will not be suitable for users with lower-end systems. However, most consumers will be content with the upgrades in the Ultra version, as the 1: Be In the Know Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

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