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Alien skin bokeh 2 greatly discounted price

This is an update to the existing Alien Skin Exposure X4 review, and includes the latest features in the X4. It started out as a Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in and can still be used in that mode, and as an external editor for Capture One , for example, but Exposure X has evolved so that it can also be used as a standalone program with its own integrated photo browsing and cataloguing tools. Like Lightroom , Exposure X4. They include regular photo enhancement and retouching options too, such as curves, cloning and perspective corrections. Exposure X4. Exposure X4 works in a very different, rather clever way. The only danger is that if you use other software to move files, they might get separated from the adjustment data created by Exposure X4. If you have made adjustments, it is best to use Exposure X4. A single image can only be in one folder, but it can be in as many Collections as you like. With these, instead of adding photos manually, you simply specific a set of conditions — a particular camera or lens, for example, or a particular keyword — and Exposure X4.

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Alien Skin Bokeh 2 Review

Current Price: Buy Direct From Alien Skin Software One of the more difficult tasks of digital photography, is making sure images have the same focusing characteristics you want after you press the shutter button and have the image stored on your computer.

Your eyes tend to inject a little more or a little less "blur" into an image, and your peripheral vision is also calculated — all within a few milliseconds or less. When you then open up your images in your favorite editor at a later date, the images can sometimes look different than what you intended, and you scratch your head on just what the hek happened.

If only you could change the DOF or the Bokeh of the image. Most amateur photographers did this with a few simple clicks in Photoshop using "G-Blur" Gaussian Blur. Professional photographers shyed away from the method, explaining their quality prime lenses delivered a much more accurate representation.

And they were most certainly correct. But if you don't own those high-quality and expensive primes from Canon or Nikon, how do you expect to create the same kind of Bokeh? Well, Alien Skin Software has a solution, and it will revolutionize the way you think about photography.

It might even save you a few hundred pounds of glass to carry around. Bokeh Features Accurate replication of real lenses Exclusive focus control Insert bokeh highlights into photos Tilt-shift effects are now simple to do Vignettes done with ease Fake model photography is possible The Bokeh Interface Bokeh has the familiar Alien Skin interface, where adjustments are easy and intuitive.

Settings, Bokeh, and Vignette are the three primary sections of the filter, and varying the settings in each create a highly customized effect. And there is no one lens which does everything. Prime lenses are the treasure of a photographer's collection, but these primes can easily cost a grand or more per lens.

This instantly puts most photographers at a disadvantage. Alien Skin's Bokeh allows photographers to select the characteristics of many expensive primes without necessarily having to invest several thousands of dollars in lenses. These are lovely Jelly Beans, and I want to eat them all. However, I want to concentrate on the orange Jelly Bean. But if I put this image in Bokeh, I can come up with something rather nice. System Requirements Windows Users: I can't really disagree with them per se, because today's digital cameras typically have a rather large file size.

So, if you do have an older machine, it will work, but if you have a lot of images to process, you'd probably be better with a quicker machine. Host Requirements Since Bokeh is a plug-in, and is not offered as a stand-alone application, you will need one of the following: Bokeh arrived just in time for digital photographers who don't have thousands of dollars loosely wadded in their back pockets.

While Bokeh can't possibly replace expensive primes altogether, it's an inexpensive alternative. At that time, creating your own bokeh was difficult and certainly far from accurate, as a person only had a few graphics editors which were not meant for such a task. Today, Alien Skin has released a product which has undergone a rigorous testing process to assure accuracy of its emulation software within Bokeh, and have come up with something which should be a part of any serious digital photographer's software arsenal.

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