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Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 - box pack - 1 user overview and full product specs on CNET. Adobe CS3 Production Premium Review - Premiere Pro CS3 Review About our deals having to save custom presets for every filter and effect you applied, and is great if you regularly reuse old projects with new footage. Make visually stunning videos virtually anywhere with Adobe Premiere Pro. See why more and more filmmakers rely on Adobe video apps to bring great work.

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Although Premiere had been around since the advent of QuickTime, the video-editing program was due for a major overhaul by The result was Premiere Pro—vastly improved but Windows-only. Now that Macs run on Intel processors, Adobe is eager to reintroduce its flagship video-editing software to the Mac operating system.

Premiere Pro CS3 has none of Premiere 6. It has an efficient interface, employs a more elegant paradigm for transitions, supports multiple and nested sequences, and takes a unified approach to effects. Notable new features include multiple-camera editing, audio mixing with surround-sound support, and the ability to encode for Blu-ray discs.

Premiere Pro CS3 has all the core features required for professional video editing; at the same time, little sets it apart from its competitors. The stand-alone Premiere Pro ships with Encore, for DVD authoring, and OnLocation, software that turns your laptop computer into a field monitor and direct-to-disc capture device. Until Adobe makes the Mac and Windows packages equal, Mac users may rightly feel neglected. Like the Adobe CS3 design and Web applications, it utilizes Bridge as the command center for browsing and managing assets and communicating between applications.

Premiere Pro has commands for launching Photoshop and for exporting to Encore and Soundbooth. One of the most dramatic examples of the benefits of integration is the Dynamic Link feature, which is used to tie Premiere Pro to After Effects. If you modify the graphic in After Effects, the changes appear in Premiere Pro. Interface Although you may recognize a few editing tools from Premiere 6.

Like other CS3 programs, Premiere Pro has dispensed with traditional windows and palettes in favor of tabbed panels docked in a system of interdependent panes that use screen space much more efficiently. And if you want, you can dock a floating panel manually and then save the new arrangement as a workspace. Premiere Pro CS3 can usually detect camera cuts—the points at which recording stopped and started—so you can cue to those points or even capture each shot as a separate subclip automatically.

But Adobe is already working with other vendors such as AJA, Blackmagic, and Matrox to address the needs of high-end editors and facilities, and now that Adobe offers Premiere Pro on the Mac, its partners will likely follow suit. For example, CineForm is developing a Mac-compatible version of its intermediate HD codec a trial version of the beta software is available.

You can sort the items by numerous categories, and organize them into bins which, despite the folder-like appearance of the icons, are named for their old film-editing counterparts.

You can open bins in separate panels and specify whether they are floating or docked. This is particularly useful for projects that have many clips and for editors who like to lay out all their clips at once. Editing The previous Mac versions of Premiere had fundamental limitations that precluded truly professional projects. Premiere 6. Worse, Premiere 6. The current version deserves its Pro appellation.

Premiere Pro supports not only multiple sequences but also nested sequences. In this regard, Premiere Pro sequences are similar to After Effects compositions, except that instead of tracks, After Effects uses layers. In fact, aspects of the two programs have become consistent enough that the programs can exchange project information readily, even dynamically. You can use nested sequences to synchronize footage for editing into multiple-camera sequences, which are easy to assemble and adjust.

All the standard editing functions are accounted for: Drag-and-drop and timeline-editing features are intuitive and efficient. And while you make editing adjustments, Premiere Pro provides ample visual feedback. The Trim panel works well for fine-tuning a cut, but it could be more seamlessly integrated into the main interface, rather than opening separately.

These are aimed at postproduction environments with vast collections of assets shared among multiple users and projects. For example, the program alerts you when a media file is unaccounted for, and provides ways to locate or recapture it.

Commands let you link clips with media or, conversely, unlink a clip from its corresponding source file and then either retain or delete the file. The Project Manager feature allows you to create a version of a project that trims away references to extraneous footage.

Or it can help you move files associated with the project to a new location for archiving. Bridge provides a central location for viewing and managing assets from any CS3 program, and it lays the groundwork for even more integrated media-management features in the future. Audio Premiere Pro CS3 supports clip-based audio mixing in the timeline, and track-based audio mixing via the full-featured Audio Mixer panel.

As with other aspects of postproduction, the complexity of the audio mix depends partly on your hardware configuration. For example, with the proper sound card and speakers, you can mix for 5. In addition to static titles, the titler can produce rolls and crawls. You can also animate a title as you would any clip, by keyframing its motion properties.

Transitions and effects Whereas older incarnations of Premiere had separate modules and procedures for transitions, motion effects, and filters, Premiere Pro CS3 takes a unified approach. All effects can be animated via many of the same keyframing procedures found in After Effects.

I look forward to even more consistency between the two programs in the future. Export and DVD authoring Premiere Pro includes the standard options for exporting to tape or to numerous movie, still image, and audio file types. A specialized export dialog box allows you to use Adobe Media Encoder, which is designed for exporting to formats with more complex settings, such as MPEG2, H.

Encore, an extremely powerful disc creation tool, may be the most advanced application currently available on the Mac for authoring and burning DVDs. And like its brethren, Encore utilizes Bridge for browsing and importing assets. Encore includes a convenient button for editing menus in Photoshop and Dynamic Linking so you can more easily animate those titles directly in After Effects. Clip Notes lets you embed a draft-quality version of a work-in-progress in a PDF or link to it from a PDF that can be sent to colleagues or clients for review.

Using nothing more than Acrobat Reader, reviewers can enter time-code-specific comments, which an editor can later import into the project as sequence markers. This version has all the functionality of its Windows counterpart, but it falls short of full parity, due to the omission of comparable HDV support, Adobe Ultra, and a Mac-compatible version of OnLocation. He is coproducing on the nOse.

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