Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Buy Fast

Adobe premiere elements 8 buy fast

Don't thank us -- it's just the kind of chaps we are Alistair Dabbs September 23, 3: Version 8 also includes automated features for enhancing and trimming poor-quality clips, and introduces smart motion tracking. Aimed at the domestic user who wants a simple drag-and-drop approach to browsing, composing and exporting home movies, Premiere Elements is the top-selling video-editing software on the market. It provides just about everything you could want, from video effects and multi-track audio editing to titling and transitions. The emphasis is on ease of use, and version 8 expands on this theme. When this is enabled, the program analyses the clips in your current project for quality.

Installing and discovering Adobe Premiere Elements Adobe Premiere Elements is a video editing software designed for beginners. The publisher designed its program with care to provide. Jan 09,  · 5 Fast Fixes to Common Frustrating Problems in Adobe Premiere Pro! (Video Editing How to) (CC ) I will show you 5 common frustrating video editing issues in . Feb 13,  · Adobe Premiere Elements Offering the highest-res APS-C sensor on the market, 4K video, super-fast burst shooting and comfortable ergonomics, the M6 II is compact and a real pleasure to shoot with. nor do you need to buy the latest and greatest new product on the market. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that.

Adobe premiere elements 8 buy fast

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Terms of use. The same goes for videographers unwilling to sign up for an expensive Creative Cloud plan and might be well-served by Premiere Elements. The good news is the Elements product line becomes more powerful each year. Elements Is Faster and Smarter Adobe is always working on performance, and says Elements offers more of it. In testing, edit operations certainly seemed responsive, and some Organizer operations also seemed quicker. But with huge catalogs, things can still be sluggish.

Just as with its Creative Cloud offerings , Adobe is working hard to add artificial intelligence to Elements. It had already added some great facial recognition technology, but version builds in some exciting new AI-enabled features including Auto Curation, the ability to open closed eyes, and automated object selection. It attacks the problem every photographer has of choosing the best few images from a large group. Elements can do it for you. Auto Curate lets Photoshop pick what it thinks are the top photos from any folder or collection and gives you a head start on sharing or creating a slideshow I tried it on collections of image from a number of my recent trips, and it did quite a good job of at least picking out a variety of images that had good technical elements and conveyed different parts of the experience.

Conversely, it often left out some of the key scenes or family portraits. Auto-Curation can take a long time if you bulk import a lot of files, and facial recognition can take even longer. Saving the Almost-Perfect Photo One of the more unique features in Elements is an extension of its current capability to modify facial features. You need to have a photo of them with their eyes open. If you use images from similar light, though, the results can be quite good: The first is Candid Moments, which selects a number of frames from your video and creates still photographs from them.

When it works, it can help you decide whether to capture an event with video or photos. But if you simply want to grab a few highlights to share online, it provides a quick way to do that. Smart Trim helps with video somewhat the same way Auto Curation does with still images.

It aims to take your long, and probably sometimes boring, video and pull out the best bits. I was excited to try it out with drone footage, which is inevitably mostly boring if you leave the drone on record all the time. Unfortunately, in my tests, the software picked out the portions where the scene changed the most quickly—which typically was when the drone was turning or re-positioning itself for another scene. It did a much better job when I tried it on more typical footage captured during a family trip.

Premiere also has some nifty tools specifically designed for editing action camera footage, allowing you to reduce the fisheye effect and other lens distortions, as well as designate freeze frames to use for showing titles mid-clip. With Elements , Adobe is explicitly aiming the products at a group it calls Memory Makers.

Roughly, it describes them as the people responsible for keeping and sharing family memories. Its slideshow functionality has also been greatly enhanced, with more support for themes and music in particular. Is Elements For You?

It takes some investment in time and money. But once you make that investment, you get full control over your images and freedom from stressing over whether your cloud vendor will start charging you, or lose your images, or go out of business.

That gives you the most powerful, but hardest-to-use solution. Alternatively, purchasing Elements each year works out to about the same amount of money, but provides a more user-friendly interface and set of features. Another increasingly interesting alternative vendor is CyberLink, which offers both a PhotoDirector product that competes directly with Photoshop Elements, and PowerDirector, which competes with Premiere Elements.

If you really wish you could just get Adobe Photoshop for less money than a Creative Cloud plan, Affinity Photo is another possible choice. Pricing and Availability Photoshop and Premiere Elements are available now, with similar pricing as previous versions. Either product includes the Organizer. Overall, the pricing seems fair for what you get, but personally I wish Adobe would give more of a break to upgraders.

For an annual upgrade, something closer to a 50 percent discount might encourage more people to stay current and be able to take advantage of all the new capabilities.

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