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In this article, we will look at the best photo editing software of Amar Saleem In order to make your images look more professional, you will need to make some adjustments to your images. When you shoot raw, you will need to digitally develop your file, this is the same as how analogue film needs to be developed in the dark room. It is during this process, you bring out every bit of detail including the colours and other information from your raw file, making it presentable. Every photographer works differently, which means, their workflow, the edits they are looking for, tools for example, different tools required for portrait and landscape photography will be different and as a result, their expectations from a post-processing software will be quite different. Aleksandar Pasaric For any photographer who deals with a large number of photographs, like a wedding, travel or event photographer they will need a post-processing software that will help them keyword, label, organise files, batch process whereas a hobby photographer may look for something different. So the question is, how do you choose the right photo editing software based on your requirements?

Price of Acdsee ultimate 8 greatly discounted price

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Paid content is updated monthly with new content and does NOT require additional purchases once you have purchased a permanent Paid content license. Web server based. Because the content resides on a Cadalog, Inc. Updates to the Paid content are made every month. After obtaining a license, an e-mail will be sent to you.

It is only accessible through the SU Podium V2 tool bar. Choose this icon to access it Activate the license. Open Podium Browser. You can copy and paste the license key from your e-mail order receipt but it's best to key in your license to avoid adding spaces at the back or front of the serial number.

After entering the 16 number serial number, click Save so that the license key will be saved on your computer. The Paid content serial number is comprised of 16 whole numbers and no letters. Podium Browser 2 is the latest version of this plug-in. Access the settings dialog box by choosing the Options icon. Having trouble activating? Make sure your browser's cookies are turned on. Read here. A lightweight ruby application is installed with your SU Podium V2 full or evaluation version commercial or student.

If you are not an SU Podium user, you can install a free license of Podium Browser by downloading it from the Download page. However, you will not benefit from the render ready components and lights.

The dialog shows the available categories on the left-hand pane, like folders and sub-folders display in a file browser. Click an entry to see preview images of the available components or textures. When you select an entry on the left, the right-hand pane is populated with images of the available components or textures.

When you click one of the component images, the corresponding component is downloaded. You should see a progress indicator at the bottom of the Google Sketch up window. When the download completes, you are automatically switched to "insert" mode, and can place the component in your model.

If the "Insert Mode" setting is "Multiple", you can insert multiple copies of the selected component; hit the Escape key or select another tool to complete the command. You can click-and-drop all the components directly into your SketchUp model. This means click on a thumbnail image but do not hold down your mouse button.

This will invoke a download command of the selected component. Then move your cursor to a position in SketchUp and wait a second or two. Avoid actually dragging thumbnail images into SketchUp. The exception to this method are the 2D textures in the Free Section. The 2D textures do need to be dragged and dropped into SketchUp. This will tell SketchUp to import the texture directly into the model. You can then paint the texture to the SketchUp face or group that you want. Keyword Search and categorization With the release of Podium Browser 2, a category and keyword search was added to Podium Browser.

To use the keyword search, it is most effective to pick a category and then enter a keyword. Then click on the search icon.

Keywords are being added frequently. Another way to search for an item is to view the categories or folders and their sub-categories from the left hand column.

About Podium Materials The Podium Materials category has cubes with Podium "render ready" materials on each of the cube's faces. These materials can be applied to any face within your SketchUp model to make the setup of your rendering environment very fast. The Podium Materials components are "clicked and dropped" into SketchUp like the light fixtures, furnishings and plants.

When selected, a cube with a Podium material is inserted into SketchUp. You can use the particular Podium material on other faces in your model. To use the Podium materials on other faces, go to SketchUp's Material dialog located in the Windows menu.

Use the Paint bucket to paint SketchUp faces with the selected material. Also, you can use SketchUp's eye dropper to quickly paint Podium materials to other faces. There are several Podium Material cubes in the Free library and and a growing number of hundreds in the Paid section. Podium Materials Video Click on the image above to view the materials page with the embedded video tutorial.

Make sure to choose HD quality and increase the display size. This simple tutorial will show how the material cubes work and how easy it is to get high quality render ready materials into your model. Don't want to or can't access You Tube? Watch the Flash video directly. You will be asked to install Flash if you do not have it on your computer. The settings icon opens the settings dialog. There are two entries: License Key and Insert Mode.

The License Key is only needed if you purchased a Paid content license. You can ignore this if you only want to access the free content. The Insert Mode has Single or Multiple options.

Single will allow you to drag and drop, one component at a time. Multiple will allow you to insert the same component in multiple locations in your model. This dynamic component logo indicates that there are some special options you can customize. Preview images generally tell you a bit about what you can change whether it is material type, dimension, state or disposition.

Activating the dynamic option tool bar will also get you there more quickly. Once the window is opened: However not all of the dynamic components in the Browser have the icon yet. All the light fixtures can be turned off and on this dynamic way and some of them have a choice of light type.

If the preview images are showing more than one components it might be worth it to check it out even if there is no icon. All images will be updated in the near future, so look up for this little icon! This may be due to a fire wall interference or something to do with security issues that does not let you work with Podium Browser inside SketchUp.

In those cases, we have prepared a stand alone version of Podium Browser that works on any Browser and outside of SketchUp. To access this stand alone web site go to http: You will be asked to agree to the EULA every time you access this. Click on "I agree to the above" and proceed. If you are a Free category user, simply download.

If you are a Paid content license owner, enter your Paid content license into the Options dialog. From that point you should be able to download components directly to your computer. This is not a plug-in to SketchUp. Therefore the items downloaded are. You will need to take the extra step and import these.

Mac users with Safari 7 Maverick. Do not use Safari 7 if you want to use the stand alone web version. Use FireFox or Chrome. Safari will add an. Problems with Mac SU Podium V2 users. Mac OS SketchUp on the Mac uses Safari settings for any web dialog box based user interface. Podium Browser, is a plug-in to SketchUp and on the Mac, it uses Safari as it's default browser Safari is the only browser that web dialogs use on the Mac.

Podium Browser in Podium V2 does not work with Safari 7. You must upgrade for free to V2 Plus or purchase V2. All Rights Reserved.

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